What to Expect

"What the mind is steeped in from childhood it clings to very firmly, as something known naturally and self-evidently."​



Building Renderings

We are drawing closer to the opening of the school in August and are excited to share our future building plans and renderings.

Interior and Exterior Renderings

How to Prepare for Learning This Fall

  1. Math Levels / Orientation: An easy place to start here is to get the 2nd semester Singapore math student workbook for your child’s current work level and see if they’re able to work proficiently.
  2. Family Handbook: This will be released in June after board approval.
  3. Suggested Summer Reading: See the list below for a single book that your child should read prior to first day of school.

Suggested Summer Reading


The Velveteen Rabbit

1st Grade:

Winnie the Pooh

2nd Grade:


3rd Grade:

Charlotte’s Web

4th Grade:

The Jungle Book

5th Grade:

Treasure Island

King Arthur

6th Grade:

Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Secret Garden

7th Grade:

Count of Monte Cristo

8th Grade:

Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde


Family Habits & Ideas in Preparation


Literacy and numeracy is the name of the game. Reading aloud to your child is one of the best things you can do for your child’s learning. If you are looking for more reading materials or great children’s literature,  see Hillsdale’s recommend books based on your child’s current grade level.


Begin to manage your child’s screen time… If your child is used to screen-time during the day, they would be best to practice being off-screens during the day. There will be no cell-phones during the day and minimal laptop usage. Beginning to manage this aspect will set your child up for success. 


Manage your child’s sleep for a month before school. Make sure your child is going to bed early enough and beginning to wake up early enough to make it to school on time. School hours are 8am-3:30pm. 


Practice having your child complete activities for 20 minutes at a time for example, your child will need eat lunch within a 20 minute period or your child may need to work on an assignment for 20 minutes at a time.