Our Curriculum

"Ideas have consequences."​



Our Approach

Tulsa Classical Academy, as part of its relationship with the Barney Charter School Initiative, intends to license the Hillsdale K-12 Curriculum. The Hillsdale K-12 program is a strong, content-rich liberal arts and sciences curriculum focused in the earliest grades on literacy so that students learn to read. The program uses:

Core Components

At Tulsa Classical Academy, students still learn to read and write cursive and practice handwriting. Art, music, and physical education are core components of the curriculum. Likewise, students start learning Greek and Latin roots in fourth grade and ultimately complete four years of Latin study starting in sixth grade. Students may then choose to continue Latin or take a modern language starting their sophomore year.

Cultural Literacy

We are a product of the Western tradition and believe it is important to pass that tradition on to the next generation. The curriculum, therefore, focuses on the history and literature of Western Civilization. Students begin history and geography in the lower grades before diving deeper into ancient, European, and American history in the upper school. Along the way, students complete a full year of moral and political philosophy and U.S. Government. In these classes, students will read source documents that include: