Parent Volunteer Opportunities

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Volunteer Teams

We have tons of volunteer of opportunities! The teams below are dedicated to certain areas but there are many many more. Reach out to our office if you are interested in helping out! Email

  • Office Volunteering (Random needs arise all the time)
  • Info/Discussion Nights Team (Support Parent Events)
  • Staff Welcoming Team (Help staff move here from out of state)
  • Hospitality Team (Meals, Service, Support)
  • Library Team (Help build the TCA Library)
  • Sports Team (Help build TCA Sports)
  • After School Clubs (Debate Club, Chess Club, etc.)
  • Fine Arts Team (Music and Art support and fundraising)
  • Fundraising Team (Help drive TCA needs)
  • Move-In Team (Aug)
  • Facility Team (First Year Projects)
  • Opening Team (Grand Opening, Meet the Teacher, First Day)
  • Events Team (School events throughout the year)
  • Teacher Support Team (Birthdays, Snacks, Teacher Appreciation)
  • Grounds Team (Landscaping projects)
  • Tours Team (School tours, Parent welcoming)
  • School Spirit Team (Help with events, build culture)
  • Sign Me Up for Anything Team

Interested in Volunteering?

For more information about joining a volunteer team, please contact us.

Office Volunteer Team

Help out in the office any day with about any “Office Aide” task (packing folders, organizing curriculum, printing, etc)

Info Nights Team

Serve on the team that sets up, mingles, and tears down any parent info night event.

Search Support Team

Support the teacher hiring process by serving as a parent’s voice and audience in lesson presentations.

Staff Welcoming Team

As staff are hired who move here from out of town, help them move in and welcome them to their new home and community.

TCA Hospitality Team

Be on call to meet any hospitality needs that our budding community may present with staff, parents, or students

School Aesthetics Team

Help the Board and TCA Office with school aesthetics throughout this planning year and into the first year. This could include researching art, sculpture, decorations, or merely giving feedback. 1-2 hrs at a time.

Handbook Team

As parent feedback is needed in developing the handbook, give feedback and be available to discuss various items of concern.

Library Team

Help get books for our new school so we can open with a library! This means researching grants, contacting foundations, and looking over books lists. 2-3 hrs at a time.

Sports Team

Help get sports up and running for TCA so our students can play in year one! Some options include: cross country, tennis, volleyball, basketball, soccer, rugby, field hockey, etc. Discuss more with the Head of School.

Fine Arts Team

Help get art and music clubs and vision going at TCA. Plan events, connect with art and music teachers, and cultivate beauty at TCA.

Move-In Team

Be ready to help us move into the new school in August! Lots of volunteers needed here (20-30, with multiple team leads), as we will have a short window to get the school outfitted for start.

FFE Team

Throughout the first year, there will be indefinite furniture, fixture, and equipment needs (i.e. moving furniture, researching needs, coordinating projects, etc).

Facility Team

If you are good at handyman projects, we will need you. There are so many little projects that come up during the first year that tend to be beyond the scope of the janitor or larger vendor needs.

Opening Team

We want the best opening for our school and for your children! There will be Meet the Teacher Night, Opening Ceremonies, First Day of School, VIP Visits and Tours, along with many other needs associated with opening a brand new school.

Events Team

We need to begin planning all the events happening during the first year of school for all grade levels. This team will gauge parent interest and initiate event planning.

Teacher Support Team

Our teachers will need (and want!) lots of support during the first year. Be the team that encourages them through the first days, weeks, months, quarters, and semesters. Wish them happy birthday, write them notes, help get teacher luncheons planned, and rally behind them.

Annual Auction Team

Serve alongside members of the Classically Formed Foundation board in helping plan the second annual gala.

Grounds Team

Be on the team that cares for our grounds at TCA. This could mean helping determine the needs and securing vendors, or it could mean hopping on your lawnmower and beautifying the grounds!

Tours Team

Once the first year is underway, work with the school office to determine the needs for school tours, open houses, and other enrollment or marketing events.

School Spirit Team

Help design school spirit wear and elevate the esprit de corps at TCA! Look for opportunities to be at events and lift school spirit.