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Enrollment Related Questions

How can I attend a Parent Information Meeting to learn more?

You can register for a parent information meet here.

Who can enroll in Tulsa Classical Academy?

Tulsa Classical Academy is open to any student who wishes to enroll provided we have space available. The Oklahoma Charter law requires that we prioritize students from the district where the school is located (Jenks) and specifically students in that district who are attending schools that have been designated as in need of improvement. That being said, we have designed our enrollment plan to accommodate students from throughout the region.

What grades does Tulsa Classical Academy offer?

Tulsa Classical Academy will initially offer kindergarten through eight grade but will expand by a grade every year until it graduates its first class in 2028.

What do I do now that I have accepted the seat offered after the lottery?

You may now begin the first step in the registration process in SchoolMint. The enrollment form will populate automatically in your account for your student(s). Information on the second step in registration can be found here.

How can I enroll my child at Tulsa Classical Academy?

We are now accepting applications on a rolling basis toward our wait list. If you would like to be placed on the wait list for a possible opening, then please submit an application on our SchoolMint portal. Sign Up

Will Tulsa Classical Academy serve students with special needs?

Tulsa Classical Academy will serve students with special needs, English language learners, and those who are economically disadvantaged. In addition to believing that classical education is accessible to all, we are required by law to provide services to all students.

Do I need to submit an application if I already submitted an intent to enroll form?

Yes, you must submit an application via SchoolMint if you want your child to attend Tulsa Classical Academy. Intent to enroll forms were simply a way for us to assess early interest in the school and begin the process of engaging with families. They do not count as applications.

Is admissions first come first served?

Admission is not first come first served during the open enrollment period. All new student applications submitted between November 15, 2023, and January 15, 2024, will be placed into the lottery. The lottery has very specific and in some cases, state-mandated requirements. After the lottery, applications will be processed from the waitlist with the same enrollment priorities as the lottery. If the waitlist is exhausted, then and only then are applications processed in the order they are received.

Are there age cutoffs for any grades?

Yes, to enroll as a kindergarten student, children should have a birthday between 9/02/2018 and 9/01/2019. To enroll as a first-grade student, children should have a birthday between 09/02/2017 and 09/01/2018, and to enroll as a second-grade student, children should have a birthday between 09/02/2016 and 09/01/2017.

How many seats do you intend to fill?

Tulsa Classical Academy will fill approximately 800 seats K-9.

Why are students who live in the Jenks Public School District given priority?

The Oklahoma Charter School Act requires that charter schools prioritize students from the district where they are located. Our location at 9815 S Sheridan is in the Jenks School District and thus, by law, we must prioritize those applicants. That being said, once we have fulfilled that obligation, we can enroll students from the entirety of the metro area. Given the size of our opening enrollment, we believe we will be able to accommodate interest outside the Jenks District in every grade level.

Who can I call if I have questions about my application?

You may call our office at (918) 346-6730. Office Hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30am-4pm.


What happens to applications submitted after the open enrollment period ends on January 15, 2024 but before the lottery on February 1, 2024?

Applications submitted during this period will be added to the waitlist.

General Questions

Will Tulsa Classical Academy charge tuition?

As an authorized Oklahoma public charter school, Tulsa Classical Academy is 100% tuition-free. Like any public school in the state, Tulsa Classical Academy will receive state aid in the form of per-pupil funding. Tulsa Classical Academy will also receive some federal funds. Tulsa Classical Academy will not receive local funds, however, and therefore operates with approximately 35% less funding than the equivalent district schools while providing the same services (general education, athletics, extra curricular activities, special education, ELL, etc.). To fill this funding gap, Tulsa Classical Academy relies on the generosity of supporters, donors, and foundations. If you are so inclined, please consider supporting us.

Will Tulsa Classical Academy participate in the National School Lunch Program?

Tulsa Classical Academy intends to offer school lunch and does intend to participate in the national school lunch program and offer free and reduced lunch to qualifying students.

How is classical education different?

Classical education differs from contemporary education in both form and substance. It is focused on the liberal arts and sciences as well as the cultivation of wisdom in order that we might preserve the Western tradition. For more information see our article, What is Classical Education?

Where will Tulsa Classical Academy be located?

Our 50,000 square foot facility is located at 9815 S Sheridan, Tulsa, OK 74133.

What is the Barney Charter School Initiative (BCSI?)

Hillsdale College created the Barney Charter School Initiative a decade ago out of concern for public K-12 education in America. BCSI does not start schools, fund schools, or govern schools, nor do they charge any fees for services provided. Instead, motivated citizens apply to participate in the BCSI process. This process has thus far created twenty-four schools in eleven states. BCSI supports the founding effort with best practices, training, and in helping the board identify the school leader.

Who is Hillsdale College and how are they involved in Tulsa Classical Academy?

Hillsdale College is a small liberal arts college in Michigan. They started the Barney Charter School Initiative about a decade ago out of concern for the direction of K-12 education in the United States. Hillsdale College does not accept federal funds and thus, no money flows in either direction between Tulsa Classical Academy/Classically Formed Inc. and Hillsdale College.

Who is Classically Formed and how is it related to Tulsa Classical Academy?

Classically Formed Inc. is the non-profit organization created to explore and ultimately start Tulsa Classical Academy. It is not a charter management organization. Legally speaking, it is the school and its board is the school board. Classically Formed Inc. is an Oklahoma non-profit and a registered 501(c) (3).

Who sponsors Tulsa Classical Academy?

Rose State College is the high-quality charter school sponsor for Tulsa Classical Academy. In addition to Tulsa Classical Academy, Rose State College sponsors other charter schools which operate in Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

Is Tulsa Classical Academy a for-profit school?

Classically Formed Inc. d/b/a Tulsa Classical Academy is a non-profit entity and is registered as a 501(c)(3) organization.

How can I talk to someone about Tulsa Classical Academy?

We love to talk to potential parents about Tulsa Classical Academy and our vision for public tuition- free classical education in Oklahoma so we welcome your phone call at (918) 346-6730. We also invite you to attend a Parent Information Meeting.

Is Tulsa Classical Academy a religious school?

As a classical school, Tulsa Classical Academy values the transcendent elements of human life and thus has deep regard for religious experience and tradition but as a public school it is non-sectarian and non-religious in nature.

Is Tulsa Classical Academy required to hire state certified teachers?

Per the Oklahoma Charter Act and our charter contract, Tulsa Classical Academy is not required to hire state certified teachers. We do require teachers have at least a bachelors degree and prefer to hire teachers who have a liberal arts background. That being said, we will consider candidates with education degrees as well as those who are state certified.

How can I apply to become a teacher at Tulsa Classical Academy?

The Head of School will start hiring teachers in the late fall of 2023 and continue doing so throughout the spring and summer of 2024. If you are interested in being considered for a teaching position at Tulsa Classical Academy, please send your resume and a cover letter to careers@tulsaclassical.org.

What is the mission of Tulsa Classical Academy?

Tulsa Classical Academy seeks to train the minds and improve the hearts of young people through a content-rich classical education in the liberal arts and sciences, with instruction in the principles of moral character and civic virtue.

What is the vision of Tulsa Classical Academy?

Tulsa Classical Academy seeks a citizenry worthy of the legacy of our country’s founders and the continuation of our American experiment, through a classical, great-books curriculum designed to engage the student in the highest matters and the deepest questions of Truth, Justice, Virtue, and Beauty.

Do you intend to open additional campuses or schools?

Currently the board is focused on Tulsa Classical Academy. However, Classically Formed Inc., by virtue of being sponsored by Rose State College, can, with proper authorization, operate multiple campuses in Tulsa County and Oklahoma County. Therefore, once Tulsa Classical Academy is open and running well, the board intends to open a school in Oklahoma City. Then, depending upon demand, the board may elect to expand or open additional sites in Tulsa or OKC. If you live in the Oklahoma City area and are interested in helping us initiate that effort, please contact us.

Will Tulsa Classical Academy provide transportation?

Due to the expense of doing so, Tulsa Classical Academy does not intend to offer transportation at this time.

Will Tulsa Classical Academy offer athletic programs?

Tulsa Classical Academy will offer athletic programs based upon demand. We value athletic pursuits as they provide opportunities to develop virtues like fortitude and courage.

Will Tulsa Classical Academy have band, choir, orchestra, or theatre?

Tulsa Classical Academy will offer music and performing arts programs though, like athletics, student demand will play an important role in shaping these programs. We do feel strongly that music, in particular, is an important component of a classical education and desire to build a strong classically- oriented music program.

What is the vaccine policy at Tulsa Classical Academy?

As an Oklahoma public charter school, Tulsa Classical Academy is required to comply with all federal regulations and state and local rules and statutes relating to health, safety, civil rights and insurance. This includes laws related to childhood immunizations and vaccines. That being said, Oklahoma law includes religious, medical, and personal exemptions. The exemption form can be found here. The COVID-19 vaccine is NOT required.

Who is paying the start-up costs associated with this effort?

Tulsa Classical Academy will not receive funds from the state of Oklahoma until it is actively serving students in August of 2023. Therefore, we have relied on the generosity of donors to fund the founding effort. In particular, the William S. & Ann Atherton Foundation and the Reif Family Charitable Fund have been extremely generous and, along with personal donations of board members, their friends, and their families, has wholly underwritten the expenses associated with this effort. In April of 2021, Tulsa Classical Academy was awarded an Oklahoma Charter School Start-up Grant which will further underwrite the start-up process. The CSP grant is a federal grant administrated by the Oklahoma Public School Resource Center. In May of 2022, Tulsa Classical Academy was awarded a $325,000 grant from Walton Personal Philanthropy.

What makes Tulsa Classical Academy Different?

Consistent with the Oklahoma Charter School Act, Tulsa Classical Academy will employ different and innovative teaching methods that have proven effective in other classical schools. A comprehensive liberal arts curriculum will improve student learning across the disciplines of history, fine arts, formal and informal logic, language arts, Latin, mathematics, moral philosophy, music, science, physical education, rhetoric, and the Great Books. Finally, in partnership with parents, Tulsa Classical Academy will focus on character formation, the cultivation of academic and moral virtue, the development of humble and gracious attitudes, the inculcation of wisdom, the habituation of diligent study and hard work, and the promotion of those things that are true, good, and beautiful.

What type of curriculum will be offered?

Tulsa Classical Academy will offer a comprehensive liberal arts curriculum that includes the Core Knowledge Sequence, Access Literacy, Singapore Math, Wheelock’s Latin as well as frequent use of Great Books and original source material. Recently, Hillsdale College has taken the history and civics curriculum that has been in use by these schools for over a decade and made it freely available to anyone who wants to use it. The Hillsdale 1776 Curriculum, therefore, represents a culmination of decades of forming and honing curricula at Hillsdale College and its associated K-12 schools.

Does the Barney Charter School Initiative receive public funds?

As a public charter school, Tulsa Classical Academy will receive per-pupil funding from the state as well as some federal funds. Our relationship with the Barney Charter School Initiative is voluntary and associative. BCSI did not start the school, has no role in the governance of the school, provides no financial support for the school, nor receives any fees from the school in return for the assistance, guidance, mentorship, and training they provide. BCSI, therefore, does not receive public funds.

What kind of response has the school received from the community?

Tulsa Classical Academy has received over 1,300 intent to enroll applications from families throughout the Tulsa metro area. These families are extremely enthusiastic about our comprehensive liberal arts curriculum, our relationship with BCSI, and the strong academic results these schools produce throughout the country. Multiple families have, in fact, moved to Tulsa for the chance to enroll their children in Tulsa Classical Academy.

What does Tulsa Classical Academy offer parents, students, and the Tulsa community as a whole?

Tulsa Classical Academy will be Oklahoma’s first classical charter school and is, therefore, making classical education available to a wide and diverse audience. Currently, if parents desire a classical education for their children they either must bear the burden of private school tuition or possess the requisite time and gifts required to homeschool their children. Tulsa Classical Academy is lowering the barriers to entry and democratizing classical education by making it available to all who desire it. This is a service to Tulsa students, Tulsa families, and the Tulsa community at large.

Does the building have a risk for asbestos?

Tulsa Classical Academy was constructed in 2023. Therefore the building has no risk for asbestos. View Document

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