Ways to Give

“Education in the West has been steadily deteriorating; the rising generation has been deprived of its birthright; the mess of pottage it has received in exchange has not been nutritious; adults have come to lead lives comparatively rich in material comforts, and very poor in moral, intellectual, and spiritual tone.”


We Need Your Help

Thankfully, we have already received a number of large grants to help with our planning year and getting the school underway, but there are a number of limitations to them. Besides, there are some things that make a school a school that large grants don’t take into consideration. The grant budgets cover the basics and sometimes they operate as reimbursement grants, so we have to have the money and spend the money before we can be reimbursed for it. Cash on hand and meeting some of those particulars are the needs we have to open well in August. Imagine the cost of filling a 50,000-square-foot building with everything a school needs and you get a sense of the challenge we’re facing. As a public charter school that does not receive the local ad valorem taxes like other school districts, we are constantly needing to make up those differences in other ways. Your generosity is key to our success.

We are raising funds for the following items:

How to Support Us

Please consider helping us make Tulsa Classical Academy a beautiful, true, and good classical education for children to learn. If you know someone who would be inspired and committed to our goal to provide tuition-free classical education to Oklahoma students, then please connect them with us.

Donations can be made online:

We can also receive a check from our offices:

Tulsa Classical Academy

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For any questions about giving, please contact our office.