Parent Discussion Night

"Classical education is the authoritative, traditional, and enduring form of education, begun by the Greeks and Romans, developed through history, and now being renewed and recovered in the Twenty-First century."​



Overview & Purpose

Designed for parents of currently enrolled students, these discussions are a chance to learn and grow in the knowledge of Classical Education. It is a space created to bring questions, ideas, and discoveries for further opening the conversation of better education. 

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Space is Limited

These discussions have a 40 person limit, so please register for only one event and please do not bring any children. This event is designed for parents to engage in discussion with minimal distractions. We can’t wait to meet you!

Materials Needed

If you have ever been reading a children’s story, let’s just say about patience or courage, and suddenly realized “I could probably learn from this,” you are absolutely right! These are the things we will discuss at these events. Come join the conversation and bring to following:


As each parent has decided to join these discussions to better learn and understand, it is our hope that parents are also here to better themselves. In Classical Education, our desire is to teach the True and Beautiful to our children to help them become virtuous, wise, and established adults. It would be unfortunate to expect such great things from our children that we have yet to master ourselves; therefore, it is our expectation that we first establish these values within us. In this way, we can all become better together by:

  • Reading (the book or listening to it on YouTube)
  • Questioning (bringing one question to share)
  • Discussing (with other parents and learning from others)