Now Accepting Intent to Enroll Applications

Now accepting intent to enroll applications

Tulsa Classical Academy is now accepting Intent to Enroll Applications for the Fall of 2022 enrollment period. Submitting an intent to enroll application is the first step in the enrollment process and ensure that you stay in the loop as we move to the more formal stages of application and enrollment next fall.

Intent to enroll applications are also important because they provide an indication of market demand. This is especially critical for us as we will be the first classical charter school in the state. We have attracted organizations and donors who are interested in helping us secure a facility, but they will not fully commit the millions of dollars required until we can prove via intent to enroll forms that there is indeed the kind of demand we have represented. This is where I’m hoping you can help.

Our board has set a goal of representing 75% of our planned enrollment via intent to enroll applications and we want to make sure that we have every family who might consider enrolling their children at Tulsa Classical Academy in 2022 represented. If this applies to you, please consider completing an intent to enroll application today.

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