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TCA Uniform Guidelines

Tulsa Classical Academy will use globalschoolwear.com for uniform purchases. Parents may access TCA approved uniform items by visiting globalschoolwear.com, search for “Tulsa Classical Academy,” then select the grade and gender of your child. The uniform options will populate automatically. All uniform items on the site will automatically populate with an embroidered logo. All tops must have a logo. Bottoms do not require logos. This applies to PE wear as well for grades 5-8. Socks, belts, and shoes are not available through Global Schoolwear, but must abide by the policies below. If bottoms are purchased elsewhere they must be the same style and color outlined on the uniform website. All plaid must be purchased through Global Schoolwear, as it is a specific design through them.

Please see the outline below for an overview of available uniform items.


Uniform & Shoe Board

Please review for visual guide.