It’s the Families

people sitting with notebooks open on lap

The first year of this endeavor was focused on organizing the non-profit and writing documents (BCSI application, charter application, grant application, policy documents). This is an important and required part of the process, but ultimately it isn’t necessarily the fun part. Once it is complete, however, the next stage is absolutely wonderful because it means we have the opportunity to meet and talk with families all across the Tulsa metro area.

As we’ve attended parent-hosted information meetings and events like the concert in Bixby or the consignment sale in Broken Arrow we’ve been overwhelmed with interest, support, encouragement, and well-wishes. These families not only see the need for a public tuition-free classical charter school in Oklahoma, they understand its importance. Regardless if they have school-aged children of their own, they feel a vested interest in our success. It is so gratifying to be working on a project like this that means so much to so many!

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