Piano and Voice Lessons

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Piano ane Voice Lessons

Excell Music has been teaching in the Tulsa area for over 18 years. We believe that learning music should take place in an excellent, fun, and rewarding environment, so that’s what we create in every lesson.  This fall, we are pleased to partner with Tulsa Classical Academy in offering private piano and voice lessons during aftercare on campus at TCA. 


Registration is now open. Registration fee is $632

Frequently Asked Questions


Steps to Sign Up

  1. In order to select the day and time for your child’s piano lessons, please visit this linkThis sheet shows you availability for lessons beginning September 2023. Please use the information therein to request a specific day and time on the 2023-2024 form below.
  2. In order to enroll for piano lessons beginning September 2023, please complete this form. This form includes all dates and holidays for 2023-24 and will also allow you to request the day and time of your child’s piano lessons at TCA. Complete one form for every child (children may not share a form).
  3. Once the linked form above has been completed, you’ll receive an emailed invoice from our bookkeeper, Kandra, at Excellmusic@hwacpa.com for easy online payment. After payment, you’ll receive an email from me confirming your child’s Excell Music piano lessons, finalizing your requested day and time, and putting you in contact with your child’s wonderful new instructor!

If you have any questions about the policy document or our philosophies of teaching, don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact Laura Kubilis through email (LauraKubilis@live.com) or by phone (918) 289-9037.