“The seeds of knowledge, of virtue, and of piety are, as we have seen, naturally implanted in us; but the actual knowledge, virtue, and piety are not so given. These must be acquired by prayer, by education, and by action."


Mr. Donaldson

Business Operations Manager

  • United States Navy, submarine service

  • B.S in Geology, Ohio State University

  • M.S. Hydrogeology, Duke University

  • Donaldson Bradford Inc – President

  • ExxonMobil Upstream, Sr. Geoscientist

Mr. Donaldson is the Business Operations Manager at Tulsa Classical Academy. The majority of his previous career was in upstream oil and gas as a specialist Geophysicist. 


Several Exxon assignments deepened his expertise in the parameterization of risk and uncertainty variables within multi-billion dollar engineering projects. 


After the large waves of Covid-related retirements in upstream oil and gas, it seemed the final career pivot would be as a consultant.  But a Sunday school teacher in Katy, Tx, who was retiring from a charter classical school, suggested a pivot in the classical education domain.  


That led to discovering the Hillsdale Classical K-12 model, heavily networking, and traveling a few months later to Michigan to participate in a leadership conference in the early summer 2023.  There he met Mr. Poarch who in October 2023 offered him his current position.


Mr. Donaldson has eight children, 36 down to 11, of which the four youngest have experienced Classical Education since 2005, largely delivered by their mother, Cathy.


Three of the high schoolers are currently enrolled in a private classical high school in Charlotte North Carolina, where Ed was living at the time he received Mr. Poarch’s invitation to join the TCA team.  His adult son and daughter-in-law have produced two amazing grandchildren.


Mr. Donaldson is also co-author of a U.S. Patent related to quantitative Interpretation, but prefers to discuss his love of church, golf, philology, and football (if time permits).


Favorite Classical Text: Homer’s The Odyssey