“The distance is nothing when one has motive.”


Ms. Pendleton

1st Grade Teacher

  • A.S. General Business | Tulsa Community College

  • B.S. Business Administration | Oklahoma State University

Ms. Pendleton teaches first grade at Tulsa Classical Academy. She has lived in Tulsa since the age of four and was homeschooled fourth grade through high school. She played soccer and tennis throughout these years and also played fiddle with her family band. She earned her A.S. from Tulsa Community College and her B.S.B.A. from Oklahoma State University in 2017. Ms. Pendleton has taught violin for over ten years, and is excited to have the opportunity to teach at Tulsa Classical Academy. She is humbled to receive the opportunity to help forward classical education’s strong mission. Ms. Pendleton also enjoys being with her family, attending sports and participating in them, playing music, and doing lots of artistic crafts.

Favorite Classical Text: Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice